New Appointments to ADF Forums

FLTLT Dee Cherry, who is currently stationed in Melbourne, is the Air Force Association’s representative on the Younger Veterans Contemporary Needs Forum. Dee is a veteran of a Middle East campaign and a Legatee with Melbourne Legacy.  
WGCDR Sharon Bown (Retd), a former RAAF Nurse, is representing the Air Force Association on the Female and Families Veterans Forum.  Sharon is also representing the Association’s National President on the 65th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice Consultative Committee.  Sharon is the author of the book, ‘One Woman’s War and Peace: a Nurse’s Journey in the Royal Australian Air Force’.  Among holding other appointments, she is a Member on the Australian War Memorial Council.  During her service career, Sharon served overseas in East Timor and Afghanistan, commanding a surgical team in Afghanistan.  Get a closer glimpse of Sharon’s story.