Bomber Command Centre

The UK will officially open the International Bomber Command Centre in April 2018. It is a fantastic centre, with memorial walls, peace gardens, a world class interactive museum and an education centre. It will ensure the important operations and activities of Bomber Command will be retained and remembered for all visitors to view - and know the sacrifices made by the aircrew in their missions against the enemy.  In addition, the Centre will acknowledge the outstanding support provided by the technical crews, the logistics, catering, controllers and transport support personnel, which the crews relied on so much to complete their sorties and the overall mission.   View the International Bomber Command Centre Newsletter

There about 10 Bomber Command Veterans (all 93yrs plus) who are able to travel and who would love to see the new centre and attend the opening. Unfortunately government funding is  not available for the veterans to attend this occasion.

Catherine Wallis has set up a GoFundMe campaign to get them there - your donations will help these veterans attend this occasion - view the web site for more details